Frequently Asked Questions


What if my project does not go ahead?


Should your project not go ahead and the grant has already been approved but not yet awarded, then the Charity would be happy to ringfence the money for a short period of time, say six months, so that if you able to re-launch, the grant would still be available to you. If you wanted to re-launch after this time the Charity would invite you to re-apply.


If the Charity has already issued a cheque for your project and then it does not go ahead, then the Charity would expect a full refund.


Can l only apply once?


You can apply on more than one occasion and the Trustees will judge each application on its merits.


How much can l apply for?


You can apply for as much as you need and again the Trustees will judge each application on its merits. Naturally, it will help your application if you can show how you have raised or intend to raise funding by other means.


Can I apply on an individual basis?


Yes,although most grants are made via organisations. Student grants are of course awarded individually.


Can I apply for funding over a number of years?


Yes, PCC will make lump sum payments as well as a number of pre agreed yearly payments.


What if I do not live in Potton?


Unfortunately, PCC exists solely for the benefit of the people of Potton.  We do however contribute to organisations based outside Potton that provide services for people from Potton.


Will PCC consider part funding?


Yes it will ;indeed,the Trustees will often look kindly on an application where it can see that attempts have already been made to raise money.